Alternator fuse replacement

alternator fuse replacement Took a dry run today before I replace all my wires for the big 3/4 . This varies from alternator to alternator and is much higher for high output alternators. If it is blown, replace it with a new one and repeat ALTERNATOR TEST 1. Sometimes, they are located on the inside of the fuse box cover. Oct 28, 2013 · Replaced alternator and blew 120 fuse. I also can't find any step by step video or pictures anywhere. In order to complete this, you'll want to purchase the correct rebuild kit for your specific alternator. Here's a quick test you can do though. That fuse is a pain in the butt to replace. the second shows the small white block that is what was pulled out, and next to it, the new 120 AMP Buss fuse bought at the local supply house. Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2012-2016 Kia Sedona, 2013-2018 Santa Fe 3. Reply 1: Good . But a charging circuit blown fuse, a broken fusible link, a failed diode in the alternator's rectifier assembly, even a worn out bearing will affect charging system operation. Aug 28, 2014 · Joined May 30, 2013. 55 Apr 04, 2012 · I am attempting to replace the alternator fuse on my 2005 RX330. do 7PK2120 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt Sep 14, 2021 · To remove a fuse use the . After a system failure, see “Fuse layout and amperage ratings” for details about which fuse to check. All this happened with under 80,000 miles on the engine. Thought no big deal. CASE 1: The fuse is NOT blown. Replace the alternator fuse by pushing the new one into place using your fingers. I have remove the power distributor, and able to lower the block within the housing, but have not been able to remove or access the screws which secure the fuse. Apr 02, 2011 · Locate the alternator fuse, which will be located in the fuse box in the engine compartment. 30 $15. May 04, 2014 · Glad you figured out the issue. You have to disassemble the entire fuse box to replace it. Average Dealer Price. The alternator replacement cost can be quite high, with prices running between $133 and $915 for a new alternator. 7, TRD. Find the terminal on the alternator labeled "Neg", "F" or "Field. Then I could see the other two screws inside thte box. Fuses should always be the first thing you check if your Avalon is experiencing electrical difficulties because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to change yourself. Engine shut off, Radio died, head lights off. But take a look at the fuse list in your owners manual. 0L . 2000 ford explorer hass no voltage started after alternator when out i replace it with a new one and also a battery. Jan 26, 2016 · Looks in the fuse box and the 100A fuse has gone. The alternator to fuse box wire is 4 gauge; so, this short fuse box to battery wire is the weak link - not any more . Now a dead short happens dead center of the wire what happens? The battery fuse pops because the battery instantly surges way more than 300A correct? and now the fuse at the alternator end pops because the dead short calls on the alternator to run max output. A good set of wiring diagrams are your friend. I wish I would have had this when I started! Sep 14, 2021 · To remove a fuse use the . 2)Take off cover. How to Rebuild. Replaced the old broken 140amp fuse in my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 5. 4L: Service type Alternator Repair: Estimate $600. Test the B terminal (big one) of the alternator with a meter or test lite when the ignition is off. All cars with an internal combustion engine except for some hybrids have an alternator. It should have power when the key is on an no power with it off. Alternator fuses generally cost less than $20 for just the . Alternator fuse replacement EAPP New Replacement Part for 90982-08246 100 AMP ALTERNATOR Fuse Blue FLM-100. 1L and 3. take negative cable off battery? 1)Locate fuse box in engine compartment. Jul 30, 2021 · Alternator Fuse FAQ. It was blown by the alternater. NEW REPLACEMENT PART FOR 90982-08246 100 AMP ALTERNATOR FUSE BLUE Direct Fit - Easy to Install - Bolt on fuse - if you need instruction, please contact us Approved on many vehicles - Corolla Camry Highlander Matrix Sienna RAV4 Land Cruiser Tercel Tundra and many more - Contact us for Vehicle Fitment FLM-100 Replacement Apr 11, 2014 · replaced alternator fuse (original looked fine) replaced fusible link (original looked fine) checked all fuses in both fuse box. Now you want to take the bottom of the fuse box off. '19 SR5 DC, 5. After replacing the fuse the car will crank but won't start. before you replace alternator for no charging voltage, check the fuse. Remove the alternator. 29 - $1663. You have to disconnect the 8pin connector on top the starter bracket as its part of the harness shown in the picture. IF charging normal. Jun 11, 2016 · Check fuse 5 which provides power to the Green/White wire at the alternator. But before you do, look at the fuse rating located on the side of your old alternator fuse. I bet the alternator was fried too, since it is only rated for 140amps, and the 200 amp fuse blew. Hi ' If you changed the battery and alternator, Check the voltage at the red wire on the alternator. 67: Shop/Dealer Price $741. Genuine Toyota 90982-08286 Fusible Link. Blown fuse. 4L equipped cars to help you solve the most common types of problems with specific troubleshooting tests. But if you’re unsure what caused the fuse to blow in the first place, you might want to have a professional figure it out. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 19, 2015. Constantly monitor the amperage, just remember to remove the multimeter as it approaches the rating of the fuse. 5. disconnect the b+ at the alternator with 13mm disconnect the alternator signal . Get it as soon as Fri, May 14. 4. Nilight - 50019R 272pcs Standard & Mini & Low Profile Mini Blade Fuse Assortment, 2A 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A Replacement Fuses for Car Boat Truck SUV Automotive 4. then I had to drive to TWO different dealerships to buy the replacement fuses. The amperage rating can be found on the fuse box lid. The work itself is quite straightforward, so the cost for labor is normally quite low in comparison to other automotive services. 25 mm Metric Thread Repair Insert Kit Compatible Hand Tool Set for Auto Repairing M8-1. The tried and tested solution amongst the VW guys and gals seems to be to replace this cable with some new, heavy duty shrouded cable to bring the resistance (and associated temperature) back down. 51: 2014 Kia Optima L4-2. Check for system voltage on the Blue wire at the alternator if alternator is working properly. Upgrade your alternator wiring. That said, I do not see any reference to a fusible link (or fuse) for a G6. Either case, the alternator will need to be removed, tested, and the wiring and fuses related to the circuit checked as well. The 2g NT has a 120A fuse there (it may be a different physical size than your 1g 80A however - you'll have to check). Remove the fuse with the pullout tool. Before the day of circuit breakers, when the power went off, you had to go to your fuse box. 60: Shop/Dealer Price $997. Apr 11, 2014 · replaced alternator fuse (original looked fine) replaced fusible link (original looked fine) checked all fuses in both fuse box. Length, 6 Gauge Wire, 200 Amp Fuse, Terminals, Zip Ties, Alternator Boot, Kit. 20 Posts. . And yes I have a new alternator also, dang things are a pretty penny. Parts Cost. • Route the large gauge charge wire from the alternator to one side of the fuse holder and cut to length. Please follow me on Instagram! @subtledriver thank you! Step 5. My bc never unconnected the battery when changing the thermostat. Jun 21, 2010 · Hyundai as a car manufacturer put a lot of free technical information and workshop manuals on line for Hyundai owners. 00 Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2012-2014 Ford F150 3. Mar 06, 2016 · The fuse is 140 amps. A good fully charged battery can supply over 1000 Amps under a direct short, which would instantly blow a 200 Amp fuse. Check battery: You must have a good battery with good connections for an alternator to work properly. 55 $15. In order to do so he had to unhook the the alternator wires it sparked and all of the lights u mentioned are lit. Mar 04, 2011 · Replace the fuse and start the vehicle up and check to see if the alternator is charging the battery. The video above shows how to check and change blown fuses in the engine bay of your 2000 Toyota Avalon in addition to where the fuse box diagram is located. So at some point during the course of my repair, I guess I grounded out the positive wire for the alternator, and in doing this burned up the fuse. That's because this fuse is bolted on inside the fuse box, you'll need to remove the fuse box and turn it upside down to take the lower cover off and the electrical connectors, then you can access the 8mm bolts that connect the fuse to the main wires. Oct 15, 2020 · Step 5: Put a new alternator fuse in your car in place of your blown one. Sure enough the fuse was blown. I have the replacement fuse, and see it is bolted onto the junction block. If one of the components of your Toyota's electrical system is not functioning properly, check and replace the corresponding fuse before investigating the problem further. Mar 01, 2016 · Found the big black battery terminal fuse box on passenger side of engine compartment. Car Fuse Replacement pricing for various cars. Type A. 11 - $1512. good. Apr 23, 2012 · - There should be 3 power wires from the battery, 1 to the fuse box, 1 to the alternator and 1 to the starter? - If there is a fusible link to the starter, that definitly didn't blow because the starter kicks in when attempting to start the car? Jul 19, · 2-unbolt the 10mm nut for the wire at the battery fuse panel cut the zip ties along the way and pull the cable out of its brackets. All I could find was an old thread saying that you need to remove the top half of the junction box to get to a couple bolts holding the alternator fuse in but I . Replace it with one of an appropriate amperage rating. I bought the new fuse but I am unable to replace the blown one. Mar 06, 2016 · Alternator Fuse and Fuse Box-Battery Wire Replacement/Upgrade. No places in my town had one for me! Not even the stealership gonna be a few days to come in, just wondering if u can just put piece of metal in place of the fuse for a few days? Remove the alternator. If you're brave and mechanically minded and you've decided you want to rebuild your own alternator, here is a great video that shows you how. Realistically, this means that car owners of your average size car will be paying around $400 for the part itself. Re: how do I replace 100 amp alternator fuse in 1998. May 21, 2011 · Battery totally drained for some reason and tried to jump it. You can find a selection of replacement fuses in the fuse box. I had a good alternator that wasn’t charging because those wires had failed where they plug in to the fuse box. If the fuse is bad replace and recheck the charging system. Step 3. As when the stock alternator is loaded way down, it can produce 160amps at about 12. 34: 2011 Kia Optima L4-2. Jun 7, 2003. Turn ignition off. . May 07, 2016 · Joined Dec 26, 2015. 77 ban. 73: Shop/Dealer Price $1083. I'm dealing with the exact same issue today. Type B. 74 - $1131. Dec 31, 2020 · At first, technicians were required to replace the whole fuse box. Now there is a box that sides out of the whole fuse box, a smallerone that hold the 100 amp alt. Alternators do not have a fuse, but it may have a fusible link. As long as you can see that your alternator fuse is, in fact, blown and in need of replacement, you can go ahead and replace it with the new one that you just bought. $9. Apr 04, 2012 · I am attempting to replace the alternator fuse on my 2005 RX330. Apr 05, 2018 · So it happened. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2013 Jeep Patriot. I had to replace the alternator first and when it wouldn't charge, I found the fuse was blown. ·. 3L, &more with Denso Alternator #104210-2870, 104210-1800: Regulator Brushes Bearing Kit - 11686RK $59. $100. Here's a like for some idea on how to take the box apart. Place the pry bar between the alternator and the engine, and push the alternator out, away from the engine. pictures. The first greencircle is that box. 7. Another one is the low voltage wire. boy was I wrong. 2005 F250 Superduty. #8. Follow the heavy wire from the back of the alternator toward the battery +. If power on the Green/White wire is low or the fuse is blown, disconnect the oil level sensor and recheck voltage. I'm about to check connections, and was looking for a fuse to make sure no issue there. 7L V8. Truck was not starting after replacing battery and alternator. No places in my town had one for me! Not even the stealership gonna be a few days to come in, just wondering if u can just put piece of metal in place of the fuse for a few days? May 07, 2016 · The battery can get a 300A fuse and the alternator (a 145A model) gets a 150A fuse. I learned after removing the battery and unbolting the fuse box that I was wasting my time. com lots of great information. 42: 2015 Kia Optima L4-2. Replaced it & problem solved. And while installing my power tray with the fuse box cover off I shorted the line that feeds the alternator into the fuse box and ended up blowing the 140A alternator fuse. 95. Mar 08, 2014 · 475 Answers. Apr 29, 2014 · 10 Answers. 7 out of 5 stars 475 $14. If any testing or replacement of your alternator or charging system becomes too difficult of a job, consider visiting one of our Preferred Repair Shops in your area can help you diagnose and repair any faults in the . May 02, 2021 · I think what happened in my case was the Alternator shorted out internally and overheated. Relevance Price: Low to High Price: High to Low. Sep 27, 2015 · Leftlane. Reconnect alternator harness connector. While replacing the alternator, I shorted the lead from the battery and blew the main fuse. Was trying to wire up second battery and accidentally reversed connections. Finally, a problem could be defective replacement parts. Mar 12, 2009 · BAM, fryed the 120 fuse, a 30, and a 10 amp fuse. in the fuse center, there is a big fuse around 50-80 amp. There is a clipon both sides of the box the you hold down and pull and the bottom willslip off. To remove the alternator fuse, you have to unscrew the whole fuse box from the car and on the bottom of the box are more screws to open the box. Under this premise, the only way an alternator needs a fuse is if either the battery or the alternator itself experiences a dead short. Jul 03, 2021 · Apply tension to the alternator with a pry bar if necessary. Replaced the fuse and the problem was solved. Oct 05, 2006 · 830. I cant even describe to you right now how angry I am. Jul 06, 2015 · Make a list of things on the same circuit as the alternator. I can supply pictures as well if that helps. So the 120 amp fuse for the alternator is a PAL type fuse, and it is a bit of a PIA to remove. Apparently as the cable which goes from this fuse to the alternator gets old it begins to corrode, resistance increases as does the temperatures. The same voltage will be found if there is a problem on the ground-side of the ELD. Just disconnect the battery. Savings. 6. Dec 19, 2015 · 98 Posts. Nov 24, 2013 · 2011 Rav4 Disassembly of Fuse Box to Replace 120 Amp Fuse Guide This shows and tells you how to dismantle a 2011 Rav4 fuse box to replace the 120A fuse. Check for open circuit in White/Green wire between PGM-FI ECM and alternator. Dec 01, 2006 · Dec 1, 2006. I believe the 3rd is a ground. Sep 14, 2021 · To remove a fuse use the . It's possible, then, that the 5 gauge wire will heat up and possibly catch on fire before the fuse blows. It must've been brief, because I didn't see/hear/feel a spark. I have gotten that far but no further. Tacomas (2005-2015) Thread: Alternator Fuse and Fuse Box-Battery Wire Replacement/Upgrade. I changed out for a new battery the other day and did not realize that I forgot to hook up the little fuse box next to the positive terminal. If battery voltage is not present, check dash fuse No. P16BC (alternator FR terminal circuit/IGP circuit low voltage) will be set. Blew fuses including the major 140 amp alternator fuse. lets hope it is bad or you may be buying an alternator. If I had a 95 I would have the FACTORY wiring diagrams for it & could tell you if it has this fuse or not. Typical alternators have this terminal although some alternators don't as they are grounded directly to the engine. Tacomas . I have remove the power distributor, and able to lower the b … read more • If the factory termination will not fit over a stud on the fuse holder, remove it and replace it with one of the heat shrinkable, insulated ring terminals supplied with the kit. Wrongly connected the jumper cables and blew the 120A alternator fuse. U can't pull it out the standard way. Apr 25, 2016 · Help, blew 140 amp alternator fuse cuz I'm stipid. Second removed the power cable from alternator as well as the clip wire from the back of alternator. Estimate. Posted on Mar 08, 2014. One is usually a fusable link (wire) for connecting the stator diodes to the battery, and a lower value fuse (10 to 30 amp) for protecting the field (rotor). Be sure to check your owner’s manual in your car to see if your vehicle has this specific type of alternator and fuse set-up. 6 then degrades) I also looked at 2004 power source electrical diagram. This is good and let's you know that the alternator has all of the . However, there are a number of other factors to take into consideration when trying to get hold of a good value quote for your alternator belt replacement . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 28, 2014. " This is the ground connection. Those of you without the 130 amp alternator will not have to worry as much. Apr 06, 2020 · Some vehicles do not contain an alternator that is dependent on the fuse for it to run smoothly and correctly. Once its open you will see one or two little screws holding the alternator fuse in place, easy. The 1g's have a 100A fuse available - I think it's for the Canadian models with the 90A alternator. Anyways, trying to replace the 120A fuse seems to be a real pain. This is called "2011 Rav4 Disassembly of Fuse Box to Replace 120 Amp Fuse Guide". I'd rather play it safe. Mar 06, 2016 · Products Discussed inEntire Site Forum: 2nd Gen. Aug 16, 2019 · One wire is an alternator signal to tell it to charge. Gary. Fuse? Cable? I changed the Alternator on my 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. 7L 200 Amp (Denso 104210-6670, 104211-0230, -0231) Regulator Brushes Bearings - 11624RK If you need to replace a blown fuse in your IS250, make sure you replace it with one that has the same amperage as the blown fuse. 0L Turbo: Service type Alternator Repair: Estimate $808. • If the factory termination will not fit over a stud on the fuse holder, remove it and replace it with one of the heat shrinkable, insulated ring terminals supplied with the kit. If your vehicle does not have an auto-tensioner pulley, apply pressure to the alternator using a large screwdriver or pry bar until the belt is tight. There are 2 fuses for the alternator. Toyota systems have a charging system fuse that provides a linkage between the alternator and the battery. It was one of the three fuses in that little box. So, using a digital multimeter, let's start by checking how much voltage your charging system is delivering. Part Number: PRF-30700 I have toyota 98 camry and I have somehow blown the ALT (100A) fuse. Do not be afraid of looking at a good set of wiring diagrams. the jump had to have put enough voltage to overwhelm the back bias of the diodes, and short them out. Jul 14, 2018 · Highking Tool Thread Repair Kit, M8 x 1. Check if the fuse has blown. 7 Posts. Feb 07, 2020 · Fuses are installed to protect wires from an overload, meaning that the draw (amps) from the load (appliance) exceeds the capacity of the wire (the size or gauge). Labor Cost. Feb 19, 2020 · Changed Alternator now no power. I swap out one in my RAV4 a last year and posted some pictures. Blew my alternator fuse tonight. No charge after new Alternator installation. I obviosuly went and swapped for the correct battery. NEW REPLACEMENT PART FOR 90982-08246 100 AMP ALTERNATOR FUSE BLUE Direct Fit - Easy to Install - Bolt on fuse - if you need instruction, please contact us Approved on many vehicles - Corolla Camry Highlander Matrix Sienna RAV4 Land Cruiser Tercel Tundra and many more - Contact us for Vehicle Fitment FLM-100 Replacement The alternator fuse is screwed on from the bottom up inside the fuse box. 3)Locate 120 fuse. You can't just pull it out with pliers! Here are the steps I followed : FIRST. 5L 3. After some research found it was likely the alternator fuse which looked like the contacts were no longer touching. Cherone1960 Did you ever figure out if the alternator fuse was the problem. Related Test Articles I have written quite a few articles on the GM 3. Check the fuse link, that goes in the starter positive bolt. Discussion in '2nd Gen. 95 $ 9. It took me two days to figure it out. Normal fuse 2. Which 2 fuses did you replace I bought 2. Cars. If voltage is then correct, replace the oil level sensor. I can't find any other blown fuses in the under hood box or dash one. Aug 21, 2019 · Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 21, 2019. I searched on the web and found that I need to open the box and then I can replace the fuse. As he's looking at how to remove it, I ask him "If the alternators just gone up like that, is it going to do the same of worse if you replace or link it out?" - ah, yes, ok let's recover it on a flatbed and get it sorted properly, it's a bit beyond a roadside repair now. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 12, 2012. All Categories. Alternator Wiring Kit, 10 ft. Run a wire, preferably with an inline fuse in it, from the stud on the back of the alternator directly to the passenger side battery. I am attempting to replace the alternator fuse on my 2005 RX330. This ignition wire is fused so to check for a blown fuse turn the ignition on and check the ignition wire to the alternator. Mar 20, 2016 · Alternator, how it works, symptoms, testing, problems, replacement. Doing so will allow the maximum current from the alternator to reach the batteries. nothing seems to match if it is an issue with alternator fuse . Check for open circuit in Black/Yellow wire between dash fuse box and alternator. 2 (15A). hmaservice. Also no power to the windows. Augment this with a wire from one of the alternator mounting bolts to the vehicle frame. 9L V8 and it started right up! Fit perfectly and much cheaper than original OEM part. , shorted) diode or diodes in the alternator can pull as many Amps as the battery can supply. I found the fuse box under the hood in the engine compartment, looks like the fuse box has several layers, not sure about taking all this apart to change the alt fuse, is there a better way?? Nov 05, 2018 · However, on average, an alternator can cost anywhere between $200 and $600. #4 · May 8, 2016. 250 amp and also the one that says 32v shunt, one 250 for the alternator cable, and the other for the crossover cable on the drivers side. (or had a reverse voltage component large enough to blow the fuse) (or you had it wired backwards for one of the . Thread starter. When an engine is running, the alternator charges the battery and supplies . Read the fuse rating on the side. charged battery/ check voltage (after charge 12. Jun 13, 2009 · removing 100 amp alt fuse in 97 camry. Hey guys, I blew my 140 amp alternator fuse the other day while I was working on the truck. How I fixed it. fuse and a few others. Normal fuse 2 . Check out www. Also found couple other fuses that blew but was able to replace those easily, haven't checked the fuses under the steering column yet. I finally applied some girl ingenuity and opened the box by releasing the latches on all sides and taking the bottom off. I need to remove the inner tray from the outer container so I have access to the bolts that hold in the fuse. I have the fuse box loose and still can't get to the nuts underneath. The bearings had locked up, presumably due to burned or dried out grease. Once you have located the fuse, remove it and check that it's not blown. All the leaves were brown and the sky was gray. May 10, 2020 · It seems the alternator is not working. May 09, 2012 · I believe you have to pull the whole cover off the fuse box to get at it. here are some pictures: the first one shows what it left in the space when the alternator fuse was pulled out. To replace the alternator, follow the same steps in reverse. You need to ensure you replace the blown alternator fuse with the same rating. Inside the cover were two large fuses and under those was a smaller fuse inside a clip cover. Oct 23, 2010 · The holder that contains the fuse can be pulled out of the rest of the fuse box to get to the bolts that connect it, you have to look very closely for the release tabs and release them with a small screwdriver while pulling up on the holder, if you have no success doing this have the toyota dealer replace the fuse it may save you time and . 3. However, technicians are now required to disassemble the fuse box and replace only the ELD. Apr 03, 2015 · The other is a blown fuse or defective connector or relay, which could have been broken or shorted when the alternator was installed or on the first start-up after its installation. Jul 12, 2012 · 351 Posts. All the fuses are good. If checking and replacing the fuse for the component in question doesn't work, we recommend seeking assistance from a trusted professional mechanic. Then put it all together and hope it works. if there a less than 12 volt. Aug 17, 2021 · The 130 Amp alternator itself can not blow a 200 A fuse, but a blown (i. Put your multimeter in the fuse holder. The fuse seems to be hooked to something below. 6 also running 12. May 07, 2016 · The battery can get a 300A fuse and the alternator (a 145A model) gets a 150A fuse. 30 $ 14 . Needless to say, I was driving home, took a left turn, and my car died. An alternator is a generator of electric power in a car and is a major component of the vehicle's charging system. 1. The wire that connects to this terminal is black and the opposite end attaches to a metal part of the car. The alternator cost will range from $200 to $700 just for the part itself! Service type Alternator Repair: Estimate $878. If it's got 12 volts the alternator fuse is good. Set it to amperage mode. e. This is the inside. Hello! I have to replace the alternator fuse in my truck but cannot figure out how to disassemble the fuse box without breaking it. Does anyone have experience replacing the 120a alternator fuse on a 2007 rav 4. 25 $15. I would recommend following those to the fuse box and make sure those aren’t shorted out. Check all of those, the same way jokerchief462 recommended. The smaller fuse is a standard 10 amp auto fuse. Feb 25, 2014 · In a 130amp 3G the fuse should be a minimum 160amps, preferable 180 or 200amps. Jun 30, 2014 · How do I change the alternator fuse in a 2010 Toyota corolla 40 Answers. do 7PK2120 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt Dec 19, 2015 · 98 Posts. I tried hard to lose the box somehow but all in vain. 8 volts. Use a small screwdriver to unclip the 2 clips on the small fuse box ( with the 100 amp fuse) and the clips on the larger fuse box next to it so they can both be raised a couple of inches . I then took those off and I could remove the fuse and replace it. Bob. Started by disconnecting the positive terminal from battery. Nov 20, 2012 · battery/alternator or fuse/relay problem Home › Forums › Stay Dirty Lounge › Service and Repair Questions Answered Here › battery/alternator or fuse/relay problem This topic contains 6 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by dreamer2355 8 years, 9 months ago . all good. Fuses #9 and #10 in cab fuse box are for charging system, battery light mainly but worth a look. How Much Does a Replacement Alternator Fuse Cost? Replacing an alternator fuse is a DIY-friendly repair that you can usually do yourself. alternator fuse replacement

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